1945 Documentary on Jasenovac

They Will Make Room in the Barracks By Going to Their Deaths

“Although World War II formally ended 1945, this film exhibits features of “partisan” cinematography. With 450 m in length, the film was completed in a short time and presented a distressing testimony of the atrocities committed in the infamous camp being filmed only a few days following the liberation of camp. In 1945, two Croatian documentary filmmakers released a seminal 16 minute documentary on the Jasenovac concentration and death camp in the Nazi-sponsored Independent State of Croatia, consisting of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina, an ally of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. The Croatian directors and screenwriters were Gustav Gavrin and Kosta Hlavaty. The Jasenovac documentary was produced by the Film Company of Democratic Federative Yugoslavia , Regional Board for Croatia, Filmsko Preduzece DFJ. The crew on the film were Croats. The directors of photography and cinematography were Boris Rudman, Hugo Ribaric, Oktavijan Miletic, and Sergije Tagatz. The film editor was M. Seidl. The Jasenovac film was originally shot in 35 mm film and consists of 427 meters of film. The documentary is in Croatian. ( Description, part two: Carl Savich)”

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