JRI Conference “Jasenovac In The Context of Other Genocides in the 20th Century” Video Available

Sunday, May 1, 2022


Prof. Gideon Greif

Two Hells on Earth: Auschwitz and Jasenovac: A Comparative View

Prof. Greif’s lecture at 13.:01 footage count.

Aleksandar Stojanovic, PhD 

from the Institute for  Recent History, Serbia:

On the Genocide Against Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945

Dr. Stojanović’ lecture at 1:05:38

Barry Lituchy, JRI Executive Director

An article written in 2014 on this same subject; US/Nazi collaboration: Ukraine and worldwide history repeats – interview with Prof Barry Lituchy

The Development of Fascism and Genocide in the Ukraine

Barry Lituchy’s Lecture at footage count 1:47:46

On April 22nd a Special Ceremony at the Jasenovac and Jadovno Monuments was held at the Holocaust Memorial Park, Brooklyn, marking the 77th Anniversary of the Breakout by the Prisoners of Jasenovac.






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