JRI Republishes Major Work on the Holocaust in Yugoslavia: “The Black book”, 22 April 2005

On the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Jasenovac and the end of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, the Jasenovac Research Institute is proud to announce its re-printing of one of the most important studies of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia — “The Crimes of the Fascist Occupants and Their Collaborators Against Jews in Yugoslavia” (“Zločini fašističkih okupatora i nijihovih saradnika protiv Jevreja u Jugoslaviji”). It is generally agreed that this work, prepared by David Anaf, is one of the two most important books on the Holocaust in Yugoslavia ever produced by the Yugoslav Jewish Community (the other being Jasa Romano’s study published nearly thirty years later).

Also known simply as “The Black Book,” this study first appeared 53 years ago in an edition officially listed as 4000 copies. But it is believed that fewer than 1000 copies of “The Black Book” were distributed, and fewer still ever saw public distribution. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most important scholarly works from the Jewish community of Yugoslavia on the Holocaust.

This edition, with a new preface by Aleksandar Mosić, Barry Lituchy and Danko Vasović in English and Serbian, consists of three parts: the main text is 195 pages in Serbian; there is a very comprehensive English language summary of 53 pages; plus another 44 pages of photographs and original documents with English and Serbian captions. It is an extraordinary work that will become a standard text in libraries, universities and Holocaust institutions around the world as it was originally intended to be.

It is available to the public for $25 (US) (includes shipping and postage).

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