Ilinka Osman, May 22, 2021, Smederevska Palanka

The guest of the show “Interview” was Ilinka Osman, a woman who as a child survived the hell of the Ustasha camp in Jasenovac. As a girl from the Serbian village of Vujanovići in the Bosnian Krajina, she hid in the forest for almost a year. Her father was killed on Kozara and she was with her mother, but upon returning to the village, the Ustasha captured them and took them to the camp, where they were separated at the gate. Her pregnant mother was taken to one, and she to another part of the camp. The hell lasted for a year, after which she left the camp in an unusual way. She gets her life back on track after the war and starts a family.However, at the very beginning of the war in the former Yugoslavia, terrible scenes come back to her, not only through memories, but also through concrete events. And after going through hell again, life does not give her hope, but gives her a heavy blow.

Exclusively for viewers of BALKAN INFO production, he talks about his journey through hell through a kind of emotional confession that will leave absolutely no one indifferent. We recommend you to watch the entire interview and learn more about a number of interesting topics.

The show was recorded on May 22, 2021. in Smederevska Palanka. The show was hosted by journalist Aleksandar Pavković.






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